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June 07, 2012
Language Pairs:Chinese Mandarin-English
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Language Exchange:No
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Location:Beijing, Beijing, China
Lessons Delivery:Live in person|Telephone|Skype|Google Talk
Program Description:I am Sally, from Beijing.
My major is teaching Chinese as foreign language.I am in my 2nd year in college now.
If you want to find a Chinese Tutor, contact me!
I like reading, music, movie,travel,ect.
I love reading Franz Kafka's books. Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, Milan Kundera are also my favourites.
I have experience in teaching Chinese and culture. Also, I am brilliant in Chinese Calligraphy since I have been learning for 13 years.
Anyway,contact me if you are interested in.

Teaching Experience:teach foreigners Chinese
Accepted Payments:Cash
FAQs:Be free to contact me if you are interested in Chinese.
Cost of Lessons:50-80

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Learn Chinese with a Chinese Tutor Teacher,学中文找中文老师,教中文 - Sally from Beijing Beijing China 中国 - Teach Chinese Lessons by Live in person|Telephone|Skype|Google Talk
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