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July 26, 2011
Language Pairs:Chinese Mandarin-English|Chinese Cantonese-English
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Language Exchange:No
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Location:Alhambra, CA, United States
Lessons Delivery:Live in person|Telephone|Email|Skype
Teaching Approach:Specialized lesson plans
Program Description:I have been teaching Mandarin and Cantonese for over 10 years

especially helpful for students who plan on traveling to china or do business in china,

this is the hottest language to learn right now,

specialized lesson plans

provide materials

grammer, speech, writing, reading, test prep.

Results guarantee!

call me at 626 213 9567 if you have more questions!
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Accepted Payments:Cash|Check
Cost of Lessons:$10 per hour

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Learn Chinese with a Chinese Tutor Teacher,学中文找中文老师,教中文 - Angela from Alhambra CA United States 美国 - Teach Chinese Lessons by Live in person|Telephone|Email|Skype
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