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June 28, 2011
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Language Exchange:No
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Location:shanghai, xuhui district, China
Lessons Delivery:Live in person|Telephone|Email|Skype
Teaching Approach:If you want to improve your mandarin quickly in a short time, if you want to know more about China, history or culture, I will be your best friend and teacher.

Program Description:mandarin courses

Survival Chinese
Business Chinese
HSK exam
Children's Chinese
Teaching Experience: I have many years experience in teaching Chinese to foreigners.
Accepted Payments:Cash|Paypal|Bank Transfer
Cost of Lessons:60 to 90RMB per hour

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Learn Chinese with a Chinese Tutor Teacher,学中文找中文老师,教中文 - Skye from shanghai xuhui district China 中国 - Teach Chinese Lessons by Live in person|Telephone|Email|Skype
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