Writing - Chinese Stroke Order Rules

  1. Top to bottom. When there are upper and lower components, the upper components are written first, then the lower components. For example, 三, 亏, 吕,  品, 星.
  2. Left to right.  Among the first characters usually learned is the number one, which is written with a single horizontal line: 一. This character has one stroke which is written from left to right. For example, 一, 川, 旧, 树.  
  3. Horizontal before vertical. For example, 十, 干.
  4. Outside to inside. Outside enclosing components are written before inside components. For example, 风, 问, 同, 月
  5. First the outer then the inner last sealing. For example, "回", "园", "国". 
  6. Center before outside in vertically symmetrical characters.  If there is a center vertical stroke flanked by strokes on either side, the center vertical is drawn first. For example, "小", "水", "办".
  7. Bottom stroke last.  The bottom stroke of a character is drawn last.  For example: 道, 建,





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