Chinese Alphabets

People often ask: “Where can I find Chinese alphabets?” or “How many Chinese alphabets are there?”

If you ask how many letters of the Chinese alphabets are they? The answer is none. Unlike English, there is no alphabet in Chinese. Alphabets are set of small number of letters. In Chinese there is no letters so there is such thing as Chinese alphabets. Is there anything can be thought as Chinese alphabets that is similar to English alphabet? Yes there is Mandarin Chinese Phonetics, which is also called Chinese Pinyin. That’s what you need to learn if you want to speak Chinese. 

The Chinese language uses a number of symbols with each symbol having its own meaning. The Kangxi Dictionary shows 47,035 characters, although many are not commonly used.  Instead of learning “Chinese alphabets” you need to learn some basic Chinese characters to start your Chinese learning journey. You often begin with the most commonly used 100 Chinese characters.


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